A Week In My Happy Planner

Hello lovelies!

How are we all doing today? Unfortunately on Monday I had been feeling a bit “under the weather” and had taken the day off of school to rest. Fortunately however, that meant that I had plenty of time to work on my Happy Planner for the week a head of me!

Note: all of my stickers used are from various Happy Planner/ Create 365 sticker books, unless listed otherwise.

Weekly layout in my Happy Planner

I use the “student planner” in a vertical layout, occasionally, to keep track of my homework, appointments, or other events that are going on in my life. Since I stayed home on Monday, I didn’t find it necessary to fill in the day with what I was “supposed to have done” if I had gone to class. SO, instead I added a large quote sticker. Saturday and Sunday are blank since I have work on those days and don’t usually do anything else on the weekend. Haha.

In my DON’T FORGET section, I have written to send out my snail mail. I had two letters, two packages, and a large box swap package to send out to my pen pals. Since I’ve been so busy with work and school, I hadn’t a chance to run to the post office yet. BUT, it is something I plan to accomplish this week!

Close Up of Mon-Wed

Tuesday, I had an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor from my University. I had been very afraid that I had messed up severely when I picked my courses last June, that would cause a problem for picking my intended major. She was very nice, extremely helpful, and had calmed down all of my worries. Thankfully, if I take two more courses next term; possibly extra online; I will be all caught up! When I picked my courses last June, the website was extremely confusing and not specifically clear on which ones I needed, SO I accidentally took one too many electives. It is an easy fix though, so I will be back on track soon.

The little “emoti” guy at the bottom of Tuesday, is from The Coffee Monsterz Co. which I purchased last month, in preparation for all of the University work I would be doing. I think that he is just the cutest little guy, who seems very sleepy, which is true when portraying a university student. Haha.

Wednesday, I am particularly excited for, since I will be going horse back riding with my best friend Holly and her family. When I was a young girl, my babysitter had a farm with horses that I would sometimes get to ride. Sadly, I haven’t been on a horse since I was about 11 years old. BUT all of that will change on Wednesday! I was trying to be all “cute” and overlay the heart sticker and the thumbs up, but it turned out a little wonky and I didn’t want to rip the paper trying to relay them. Not terribly noticeable though.

My TO DO section is all the homework/ readings that I will have to do that night in preparation for my classes the next day. My TODAY section, is for all of the homework and readings that I was supposed to already have done before class. I say, “supposed to” here, because sometimes when I know I will have a 2hr break before the class, I will slack on my homework and instead do it the day its due before class. This of course, isn’t the best method in the world. Ideally, it would be done a few days prior so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. But life gets in the way sometimes, and I am also a hard-core procrastinator. I still get the job done though on time, so that is the reason I procrastinate. It is a vicious cycle. Haha.

Close Up of Thurs-Sun

The reason that I really like the Happy Planner is because the days of the week start on Monday. It bothers me a lot when the week starts on Sunday honestly, haha. I feel like the weekend should be together, for any plans that adjoin.

Thursday is my longest day at University, where I pretty much have back to back classes and am there until 5 pm. SO at the top of Thursday I wrote in “Coffee Time” and included a really cute coffee sticker, to remind myself to treat my self to a double-double from Timmies on Campus. I had originally been unhappy with how I wrote “coffee“, so I covered it up with a sticker, and rewrote it on top.

Under Important, I have all of the homework/readings I need to have done, and at the bottom is a little checklist of my homework for the evening. I also need to print off my final copy of my essay for my WRDS course (Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies). I’ve worked extremely hard on the personal essay, despite some initial writers block, and I am very happy with how it turned out! Our given topic was on a personal time in our lives when writing had a big impact on us. I chose to write about a writing assignment given to my class in grade 4, and how I wrote a murder mystery story at 10yrs old. Haha.

If anyone is interested in reading my essay/personal story please let me know and I can make it a blog post!

On Friday, my essay is due in my lecture so I have to make sure I have it printed, stapled, and all ready to go! The little emoti I used is again from the The Coffee Monsterz Co.  to depict me working away on my computer. I don’t really do any homework on Friday nights, since it ends up being my one day to relax. Usually on Sunday night once I get home from work, I will get caught up on my readings and homework that need to be done for Monday morning.

I think this upcoming Friday, my friend Graydon and I will go for coffee/a hot beverage because he doesn’t like coffee, who doesn’t like coffee?? But he prefers hot chocolate, which is a close second of mine. Although truthfully, I much prefer iced coffee over hot coffee, so I am not one to judge here haha.

As I previously touched on, Saturday and Sunday I work both days, so I don’t really have anything to plan. For now they will be blank, but perhaps I will have something to fill them in with later on!

Hopefully you enjoyed the sneak peek into one week in my life in my Happy Planner. Please let me know if this is something you would like to see more often! Do you use a planner, if so which one? I am ALWAYS looking for a new obsession and beautiful things to work on! Let me know!

Stay Creative,


1 thought on “A Week In My Happy Planner

  1. Great post! I love stationery and planners and stickers! Thank you for sharing x


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