Ghostly greetings everyone!

I hope everyone is having a spook-tacular October! In this post I will be showing the Halloween/spooky themed flip book that I made for my dear pen pal AJ. Although I don’t believe it will get there in time for Halloween, it will still be a nice little surprise for her for our flip book swap!

6Eg8%i3JT5iwccpdI33aaQ.jpg I was very excited to be making a spooky flip book. Most of it was compiled with things from my stationary stash. The flip book was originally from a kit from Michael’s, which the background was blue, so I glued on my own scrap book paper on top to make it more spooky.

First page, of opening the flip book

This is the inside of the cover of the flip book. The background of the inside was black with white dots, so I left it the same because it fit the spooky theme. I added the spiderweb banner at the top, so that the Happy Halloween stickers would stand out more at the top.

Smaller flip

I really love how this little flip turned out. The candy stickers are 3D and stand out off the page, which is really fun. I also spelled out BOO in scrabble tile stickers, which is super cute. Inside the plastic bag, I included some fun fall themed confetti of maple leaves in multiple colours.


This is the other side of the flip book. I glued on the metallic bat paper as the background for this page. The chandelier is a strong foam cut-out, that I attached with the double-sided foam so it is also 3D. The tarot card, was from a set of 21 that I bought at Michael’s which was in their Halloween stationery stuff. I used photo corners to stick it in, so that if she wished, she could remove it and use it for something else. It was a really cool design on the small selection of cards, they were all monsters, so the one I included was Frankenstein. I really like how it all turned out.


I glued in the striped orange paper, to make another pocket so I could send a lot of cute stationery. I used double-sided tape, and added some stickers for decoration.


In the pocket there was some Halloween paper, some 1900 styled people cut-outs, some spooky drink/ witch labels, some fall themed journaling cards, and cat stickers. On the other page, I glued on a small envelope which I filled with Halloween confetti for a little surprise.


This envelope was already part of the flip book. I loved it because it gave me the idea for the Halloween theme, since it reminded me of Beetlejuice! I love that movie so much, it is the perfect movie to watch for Halloween! On the envelope I put on some bat washi-tape, and over top wrote “LETTER” in some cryptic alphabet stickers.


On the back, I added some more very cute scrapbook paper. I absolutely LOVED the “trick or treat yo self” because as well all know, 2018 has been the year of the “treat yo’ self” saying. AND what a better time to enjoy treats other than Halloween? Above it, I used double-sided tape to fasten on a tea bag that was a vanilla chai cinnamon I believe, so I thought it would also fit the fall/spooky theme of the letter. I added one of the witch potion labels on top, although it sadly ended up slightly crooked but it still looks really cute.


The envelope I bought from a Dollarama, which is a standard shipping envelope that has bubble wrap on the inside for added protection in the shipping. Since the flip book was so elaborate I decided to do some more simple decorations on the envelope. I used stamps that I bought from Michael’s as well. I scrawled her address on the front in some almost calligraphy like script, but I didn’t want to take a photo of that to protect her privacy.

Over all, I think that the flip book turned out really great! I really hope she enjoys it, although I don’t believe it will reach the Philippines before Halloween. Hopefully it arrives safely and in good condition!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and that my flip book may inspire you to make some spooky mail as well!

stay creative,


1 thought on “Snail Mail : SPOOKY FLIP BOOK

  1. Great idea! This post inspire me to do same 😁 Thankyou for sharing❤

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