What My Pen Pals Send Me

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to share my pen pal mail with you guys. I love sending and receiving mail so much, and this post hopefully will give some inspiration to what to send out to your pen pals too!

  • Journaling cards

I love sending and receiving journaling cards! They are so cute and many have cute sayings and designs. They are perfect for crafts and to add into a scrap book or other mail.

  • Scrap papers

These are some very beautiful scrap book papers I received from my dear pen pal Amy. I love love love Alice in Wonderland, and I am so excited to use these at some point! Scrapbook papers are light weight and allow your pen pal endless opportunities to use them in their own crafts!

  • Sticky notes/note paper

It’s so great to receive cool sticky notes and note pad paper! I love seeing all of the designs that aren’t available in my country. They are also light weight to send, so you could send your pen pal a stack for their own personal use!

  • Stickers

All of these are beautiful stickers I was sent by my pen pals this year. I definitely have a sticker hoarding problem, haha! I love collecting them and using them in my mail. The best part is that you are usually sent doubles which means you can share the love by sending one to someone else!


  • Velum Paper & Die Cuts

I only have one of each so I grouped these two together. But this could mean any number of things! The papers are sooooo cute and I can’t wait to find a use for them! The die cuts are a lot more common in mail, than the vellum papers. I am still looking for somewhere to buy some here in Canada! Haha.

  • Washi-tape Samples

Washi-tape samples are another really common item that is sent out in snail mail. I love seeing all the cool designs, because like I mentioned earlier, they do vary from country to country. So with the samples you are able to see a lot more designs and try them out for yourself! I also have a large collection of different rolls of washi-tape, so since there is so much on a roll, it’s not a big deal to send a little bit to your pen pal. They are usually wrapped around a hard piece of paper like a tag or old gift card, etc.

  • Tea

Another thing that many people send to each other are different brands and types of tea! There are many different brands and flavours that vary from country to country, and they are light weight for sending in normal mail envelopes! I am collecting all of them currently in a super cute tin, and will hopefully start a “tea journal” where I try out the different kinds and stick the packaging inside!

  • Paper clips

Here are two fun paper clips I was sent by some of my pen pals! They are super is inexpensive and can be bought in bulk at dollar stores in the stationery isle, and add a lot of personality and decor to the letter! They are also great for clipping together any stationery goodies you are sending to your pen pal!

  • Mail Postage Stamps

I was sent these postage stamps by one of my lovely pen pals, and I adore them so much! I really want to buy a postage album and start collecting stamps, so I am super excited to start my collection! If you have pen pals, you will get to see a wide variety of international stamps on the daily, and you can save them from the envelopes for future use!

  • Post Cards

Post cards are so beautiful to send to your penpals, this is a postcard from a set I received from my penpal Aj in the Philippines. It’s so great to be able to see the landscapes, attractions, and various art from across the globe!


  • Key Chains

I was sent this key chain from my pen pal Amy! It’s so cute and slightly squishy, and another light weight idea to send in the mail!

“Add a dash of happiness into everything you do”

Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed this blog and that it gives you some ideas on what to send in the mail.

By no means do you have to send all of these in one letter, or any at all! The whole purpose of snail mail is to be able to connect and get to know someone else through the letter. Anything extra is a gift, but not necessary!!

Let me know if you’d like to see more in depth looks into the incoming snail mail letters I receive and the outgoing mail I send out!

Stay creative!

– Rachel

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