Christmas Snail Mail On A Budget

Hello there everyone, and seasons greetings!

How are we all doing? Now here in Canada, the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW. Haha.

Since Remembrance Day has passed here, it is the official “Go ahead” to prepare for Christmas. This is the time of the year for giving, but everyone likes to save a few dollars in other aspects of their lives, so that there is more for Christmas gifts! It is also a great way to recycle and use up other craft supplies, all while saving a pretty penny.

To make snail mail, you do need a few essential things, found around the home:


Pen, scissors, and a glue stick


Envelopes (which can be bought in bulk at the dollar stores) and the correct postage, for the letter weight. This is the only non-negationable item here. haha. I bought this packet of stamps from my local post office, for $8.50 I believe


These are two free magazines I picked up, one is a Canadian Tire Christmas Catalogue, and the other was a free Lindt Chocolate magazine. If you look around your local big chain grocery/general item stores, such as a Walmart, many have free magazines which have a large range of photos inside to cut up and use for mail.


This is a Christmas themed sticker book, I bought at my local Michaels for $2.00. I love sticker books, because you get a lot of stickers for a cheap price. You can also find seasonal stickers at the dollar store.


Note paper, from a note book to write the letter on.


This is a Lush paper bag, that I ripped up for the mail. You can find old brown paper bags at dollar stores as well, or some shops give them out when they pack your purchase. Its a great way to add decoration for a cheap price. As well as the added bonus of recycling.


This is a huge booklet of tags, that was an amazing find at the dollar store! It was only $4.00 and there is so many tags and designs inside!


This is the most expensive thing in this list, but many of us snail mailers/crafters have washi-tape. It is optional as well, but it this set has a HUGE range of colours which is why I purchased it. I used a 50% off coupon at Michaels, so it was only $15.00 +tax.

Designing the Envelope:

I usually begin by designing the envelope, here I used some of the brown paper and glued it down on the envelope.


Next I cut up a page from the magazine and glue it to the front, after adding some washi tape in horizontal and vertical lines, to resemble ribbon on presents.

Designing the Letter:

After that, I ripped out a piece of paper from the note pad and added some washi tape, more of the brown paper bag, and a sticker as well. Before I wrote the letter to my pen pal Alicja from Poland.

To finish off the letter, I added in the letter, a Christmas postcard which I purchased at a second hand shop for 0.25cents, and I cut some stickers from the sticker booklet for her. I also included a few of the tags from the tag booklet.

Finishing Touches to the Letter:

After everything I decided that the cover of the letter needed a few more things, so I glued on one of the tags, to use as an address label on the front of the letter. I also added some stickers from the booklet to make it more festive!


Over all, I think that it turned out super cute! I love how festive it seems and Christmas-y! I hope it arrives to my penal Alicja in Poland safely, and before Christmas. Haha. You never know with how long the mail will take.

Adding everything up, this letter had cost me $0.00 since everything I used, I already had at home! The only really “big ticket” item, would have been the washi-tape, which is again, optional. Or you could possibly have some festive washi-tapes at home, or even could colour on the stripes in marker if it a design you really like. All of these little touches make the letter more personal, and much more fun for your pen pal to open!

I hope that this helped to inspire you, and that you can send out some budget friendly snail mail before the holiday season is over!

Stay creative!


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